Collections Solutions

Remote Deposit

Save time and put your money to work the day you receive it with remote deposit. Our remote deposit scanners and online software enable you to instantly deposit receivables without leaving your office.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Collections

With prior customer authorization, set up recurring collection of their fees, dues, donations, invoices, etc. Automate your collection process by electronically debiting their account via the monthly, quarterly or annual collection cycle you select.

2017 ACH Rules Update 2016 ACH Rules Update

ACH Receivables

It’s simple to be paid electronically for outstanding invoices! With prior customer authorization and account information, within 24 hours you can create an electronic debit in their account; specify multiple categories and payment dates; and issue an email confirming payment. Additionally, ACH receivables allows you to consolidate cash from accounts at other banks.

Lock Box Services

Cut internal overhead by directing customers to remit payments to a dedicated P.O. Box managed by St. Louis Bank. We process and deposit all checks to your account daily and offer a variety of reporting options. There’s also a web portal to enable you to review daily receivables data and reports.

Merchant Services

As a value-added service, St. Louis Bank offers a consulting specialist to assist in analyzing your business credit card processing operation. The specialist will conduct an in-depth analysis of your current merchant account platform, seeking ways to reduce cost, mitigate risk and improve efficiencies in accepting payments. Whether you process payments online, with a card reader, phone, tablet or your computer, the consultant will detail a solution most beneficial to you.

Courier Service/Night Depository/ATM Deposits

St. Louis Bank can schedule regular weekday courier pick-ups. For 24/7 convenience, our building has a night depository and ATM machine.